Photography Tour

Photography Trips To Bhutan:

Bhutan is heavenly paradise especially for photographers who love taking pictures of landscape, portraits, snow-capped Himalayan peaks, flowers, birds, animals, traditional festivals, traditional games, school going kids, villages in gho and kira, farm house, etc. Our entire team is trained in basic photography skills like how to use digital cameras, best places to take pictures, best time to lead the group in different places depending on the direction of the sun etc. No doubt, you will be able to collect unique pictures of Bhutan at the end of the trip.

We do provide the service of professional photographer guide on additional payment if you require, otherwise as said, our team is trained in basic skills of photography. Photography is core interest of every traveler for different level of degree. Therefore understanding the different level of interest will give us clear idea on what travelers are really looking forward. This in return will help us to customize your personal itinerary to suite your needs, if the sample itineraries are out of your demand.