Visa Information

Bhutan Visa Information
The Bhutanese visa process may appear complicated, but is actually quite straight forward once you understand it. Most countries issue visas from their embassies abroad and stamp it in your passport, but not Bhutan.You must apply in advance through a tour operator before you travel to Bhutan and receive approval before you travel to Bhutan, as it takes up to one working day to process the visa after confirmed itinerary, fixed travel schedule, with all flights confirmed and with tour payment fully made. Visas are approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .The tour operator submits the visa application to Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) via online, with which you are allowed to enter Bhutan or board the Druk Air flight.The actual visa is stamped on the passport upon arrival in the country, either at Paro airport or (if entering by road) at Phuentsholing.Passport must have at least 6 months’ validity. You will also make sure that you have an additional page for a visa for Bhutan, as well as space for the visas for any countries you are visiting en route.You just need to provide the following details as per your passport to fill visa application form:Application Process:• Full Name
• Gender
• Permanent Address
• Date and Place of Birth
• Occupation
• Nationality
• Passport Number
• Passport photo
• Date and Place of Issue
• Date of expiration
• Date of Visa requirement
• Entry and Exit partWhen the visa clearance is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it sends a visa copy to the tour operator and to Druk Air. Druk Air will not issue your ticket until it receives the confirmation number, Yatara Adventure will ensure that you receive a confirmation number by email or Fax. You should bring the copy along with you. Travellers without a visa clearance document will not be permitted to board their flight.For travelers entering the country by land from India, through the southern border towns of Phuentsholing / Gelephu / Samdrup Jongkhar, the actual visa is stamped on arrival. Travellers without a visa clearance document will not be permitted to enter the country. If some unusual event requires that you obtain a visa extension, Yatara Adventure will arrange it.