Welcome To Bhutan kitchens Tours and Travel

Bhutan Kitchen Tours and Travels is one of the top travel companies in the country. We are known for rendering quality services in a manner that even after years of completing a trip with us, memories will remain afresh.
As a matter of fact, we are a highly reputed and well established tour company located at Thimphu. Since its inception in 2013, it has been scaling up through the success chart.
We are a full serviced travel agent. We have our own hotel known as Bhutan Kitchen. It has been running successfully since the year 2000. We even provide with hot stone bath as compliment of the agent. Also, we are one of the first ones to provide the best and pure organic vegetarian food. Honestly, we do not believe in making gains at the cost of some lives, even if it is of an animal.
Bhutan Kitchen specializes in traditional Bhutanese cuisine. The décor of the restaurant is simple, spacious, with many low tables and cushions, allowing you to sit on the floor. To drink with your meal, you may go for local beer (Reed Panda), whiskey (K5 is the preferred brand), even Ara (distilled liquor from grain).
Form delicious fried Momos to tasty crustiness prepared fresh vegetables, we serve some of the best vege items. Of course, it all comes with a hearty helping of either red or white rice, as well as the ubiquitous side dish Ema Datshi (Cheese and chilies). It is a nice place to have dinner, just a minute’s walk from downtown Thimphu, where you can experience authentic cuisine in a relaxing, fun environment.
Most of our customers have left behind good testimonies. They were particularly happy with our services and ambience.